REMplenish Jr™ Myo-Nozzle Plastic Bottle Kit - Child

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  • Improve tongue position and strength for better breathing, sleep, growth & development
  • Simple & easy for kids to use consistently - just drink water
  • Economical way to set your child on the right path

For children age 3-9+

18 oz. capacity, BPA-free

90-day money-back guarantee & warranty

Color: Teal

The REMplenish Jr Myo-Nozzle plastic bottle is a simple way to help your child breathe and sleep better while supporting proper facial growth and development. This unique system includes the REMplenish Jr Myo-Nozzle, which exercises your tongue and upper airway muscles, that attaches to the lid of an 18 oz plastic water bottle with flip-top cover. The bottle is an easy, lightweight, convenient and portable option. Drinking 12-30 ounces of water daily using REMplenish Jr can put your child on a path to a lifetime of improved breathing and sleeping.

This nozzle is designed specifically for children between 3-9 years of age. 18 oz. capacity bottle, BPA-free. Nozzle is made of medical grade silicone.

Testimonials for REMplenish Jr

Kimmie Herrera Myofunctional Therapist

"I have a little 3 year old who is the most compliant and he loves it, and asks for it when he is drinking water. He is simultaneously doing myofunctional therapy with me, but so far, we are seeing more strength in his tongue resulting in improved speech articulation and motor control with eating. He is sleeping more soundly as well. I love how the straw really supports myofunctional therapy, especially with the little ones who have a harder time with many exercises just due to comprehension and cooperation. I'll definitely be recommending this regularly for the kiddos, like I have done with adults."

- Kimmie Herrera, Myofunctional Therapist
Dr. Kalli Hale Airway Dentist

"We have had great feedback so far - my 3 kids personally have been using it without issue and I find it such a great tool to add to our kits of helping our kids thrive/sleep/breathe better."

- Dr. Kalli Hale, Airway Dentist

"My 6-year-old needed it the most, so she got the first one & now I am ordering for everyone. When she started using hers, she couldn't swallow pills & struggled with chewing. Our myofunctional therapist recommended the straw to help with swallowing. She recommended using the Myo Munchee, Froggymouth & REMplenish straw each day for both kids to build better patterns and stronger muscles. Now she can easily swallow pills and capsules."

- Jaclyn Clark, Mom of REMplenish User

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Madelynn B.
Game changing!!!!

My son had his tongue tie revised within weeks of birth. We did all the exercises we could and he was going great. After a couple bad colds and being forced to mouth breath he started to only mouth breath. During the day his mouth would hang open. After a couple of days we noticed he would sleep with his mouth shut at night some. Now after a month or so of use he keeps his mouth closed during the day and sleeps with it shut at night! He is only 10 months old so it’s not like he is drinking a ton of water from it during the day. Even the little bit he does drink has made a huge difference! So thankful for this as doing rehab with him right now would never work as he would just bite us. What a great product!

Jessica Edwards
Remplenish Jr

We are happy with the water bottle we got for our 4yr old who is a tongue thruster with a high narrow palate. We noticed at the first sip he wasn't overcompensating sucking like he did with previous water bottles. However, my 4yr old struggles with opening the cap he's gotten better with time but may be harder for younger kids. His speech therapist showed him how to properly drink. Showing him where his lips and mouth should be on the nuzzle sometimes it's hard for him to determine where his lips should stop on the nozzle. I wonder if there would be a better way to indicate that on the nozzle or maybe the nozzle is too long for his mouth. Sometimes his lips aren't low enough we are working on correcting that. Looking forward to see how the transition will be to regular straws.

Kelsey Medlin
My son sleeps better!

At first it was super hard for my almost 3 year old, but we learned to make a game of it. Since using he is sleeping longer during the night with no waking periods. He has a underbite which we've been using a myomunchee but the water bottle is much more fun for him. Definitely getting one for myself.

Straw works well but material needs improvement

The straw was working well for my child with Down Syndrome however the material is too flimsy. My son easily bit right through it and now it’s useless.

Dalila Rapalo

I bought the bottle for my son who just got tongue tied release. I think it is significantly helping him breathe better while he sleeps. The bottle itself could be made of a stronger material since the plastic lid already broke. However, due to the 90 day warranty I was immediately contacted to help replace the lid and customer service was great and they sent me a new lid right away.