REMplenish Jr Myo-Nozzle

Early intervention helps pave the way for a lifetime of better health by simply drinking water with REMplenish Jr.

Designed especially for children 3 - 9 years of age. REMplenish Jr. strengthens the tongue to support oral functions and proper swallow which are key components for optimal growth and development.

airway health epidemic

REMplenish Jr: Changing the Airway Health Epidemic

Pediatric airway epidemic

An airway epidemic is impacting the overall physical and mental health of our children

As a result of our modern soft food diets and lifestyles, the muscles of the tongue and throat are often underdeveloped and weak. This leads to a smaller jaw and an insufficient airway resulting in conditions known as sleep disordered breathing.

When children are unable to breathe well at night, their quantity and quality of sleep suffers. Sleep deprived children exhibit commonly overlooked symptoms that are often unrecognized and not treated as issues related to breathing and sleep.

We have an opportunity to impact children's breathing, sleep, growth and development with REMplenish Jr.
Early intervention can lead to a lifetime of health benefits.

Connecting the Dots

Common Signs and Symptoms of Poor Airway Health in Children
Mouth breathing

Mouth Breathing

Snoring & restless sleep

Snoring & Restless Sleep

Hyperactivity & ADHD

Hyperactivity & ADHD

Anxiety depression & behavioral issues

Behavioral & Learning Issues

Chronic fatigue

Over Tired

Odd sleeping positions

Odd Sleeping Positions

Facial & TMJ pain

Bed Wetting

Speech problems

Speech Problems

Digestive issues

Digestive Issues

Grinding crowded & broken teeth

Crowding & Grinding of Teeth

REMplenish Jr Growth and Development

The Critical Role of the Tongue in Growth and Development

It all begins with the tongue as it plays a vital role in how a child grows, eats, swallows, speaks, and most importantly breathes and sleeps!

The tongue is crucial for the formation of the upper jaw and nasal cavity. A weak tongue often lacks the strength to stay in its proper position, lightly suctioned to the roof of the mouth while at rest.

When the tongue rests against the roof of the mouth, it exerts a gentle force that helps in proper growth and alignment of the upper jaw. This contributes to a wider dental arch, enough space for teeth and the development of a sufficient airway.

Humans are obligate nasal breathers and are not intended to breathe through their mouth. The tongue’s resting position is crucial for proper function, growth, development and, nasal breathing.

Pediatric health

How REMplenish Jr Helps

REMplenish Jr is right sized for kids with key features to make it easy to use.

Your child can easily drink water through a REMplenish Jr Myo-Nozzle. They'll think they are simply drinking water with a fancy spout. In reality, they are getting targeted exercise repetitions to strengthen the muscles of the tongue, mouth and throat.

This easy form of myofunctional therapy reinforces proper tongue position which impacts proper speech, helps strengthen the airway, supports nasal breathing and is a critical component to arch growth and development.

Early intervention is critical in the growth years. REMplenish Jr leads to improved breathing, better quality sleep, and healthier and happier kids.

Happier and Healthier Children with REMplenish Jr

Reduced snoring

Improved Sleep

Better breathing

Nasal Breathing

More energy

More Energy

Improved sleep

Better Health

Testimonials for REMplenish Jr

Kimmie Herrera Myofunctional Therapist

"I have a little 3 year old who is the most compliant and he loves it, and asks for it when he is drinking water. He is simultaneously doing myofunctional therapy with me, but so far, we are seeing more strength in his tongue resulting in improved speech articulation and motor control with eating. He is sleeping more soundly as well. I love how the straw really supports myofunctional therapy, especially with the little ones who have a harder time with many exercises just due to comprehension and cooperation. I'll definitely be recommending this regularly for the kiddos, like I have done with adults."

- Kimmie Herrera, Myofunctional Therapist
Dr. Kalli Hale Airway Dentist

"We have had great feedback so far - my 3 kids personally have been using it without issue and I find it such a great tool to add to our kits of helping our kids thrive/sleep/breathe better."

- Dr. Kalli Hale, Airway Dentist

"My 6-year-old needed it the most, so she got the first one & now I am ordering for everyone. When she started using hers, she couldn't swallow pills & struggled with chewing. Our myofunctional therapist recommended the straw to help with swallowing. She recommended using the Myo Munchee, Froggymouth & REMplenish straw each day for both kids to build better patterns and stronger muscles. Now she can easily swallow pills and capsules."

- Jaclyn Clark, Mom of REMplenish User
REMplenish Jr testimonial Karindy Ong

REMplenish Jr testimonial - Karindy Ong, SLP OMT

REMplenish Jr in the news

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