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REMplenish is focused on strengthening and improving upper airway health, sleep, and oral development. Join us on our mission to change how the world views airway health, using science and exercise to naturally breathe and sleep better.

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Sarah Hornsby

Sarah Hornsby, RDH, COM


"I love seeing new products in our field like REMplenish. It’s been an awesome addition to my myofunctional therapy practice for pretty much every patient. I like how it helps support therapy outside of sessions, by reinforcing the correct swallowing patterns and tongue movements we discuss. I highly recommend this product to both patients and myofunctional therapists!"

Dr. Soroush Zaghi

Dr. Soroush Zaghi, MD, ENT, Otolaryngology Sleep Surgeon

The Breathe Institute

"The REMastered sleep water bottle is a wonderful adjunct to myofunctional therapy. It really helps my patients strengthen and tone the back of the tongue and work on improving tongue thrust swallow habits. I’ve tried it myself and you can really feel the back of the tongue engaging and strengthening with each use."

Dr. Kim Ledermann

Dr. Kim Ledermann, DDS, SLP, Specialist in Orofacial Pain

Minnesota Craniofacial Center for TMJ & Sleep Treatment

"Our patients love that the product, especially the straw and mouthpiece, is convenient and portable. This helps to encourage consistent use. This is a great tool for patients with myofunctional issues and sleep breathing concerns."

Bob Grider

Bob Grider, MS, CCC-SLP

Minnesota Voice & Speech Clinic

"The results with these clients using the REMplenish bottles have been very encouraging. I am finding that clients can improve with lip, cheek, jaw, and tongue muscle functioning and maintain both speech and swallowing improvements using the REMplenish bottles."

Dr. John H. Tucker

Dr. John H. Tucker, DMD, DABDSM, DICOI

“One of my goals in treating patients with Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders is to provide them with options. Adding oropharyngeal exercises is one of my favorite choices to strengthen the tongue and mouth muscles. An easy patient-compliant way of doing this is with REMplenish. Those patients that have elected to augment their treatment with REMplenish™ report a pronounced outcome. I highly recommend considering adding REMplenish™ to your treatment options.”

Sandra R. Coulson

Sandra R. Coulson, BS, ST, ED, COM

Sandra R. Coulson & Associates

"Thanks for such an important and possibly life-saving technique to both keep my patients hydrated and help to develop better swallowing and breathing. ALL patients using them have better 'Snore Scores' and happier spouses! They are a fantastic addition to my practice strategies for changing muscle function for snoring and sleep apnea, and they work well for children who have been primarily mouth breathers."

Dave Henrichsen

Dave Henrichsen, RDH, OMT

Kenmore Myo

"Having a tool to specifically improve muscle tone of the middle and posterior tongue is an ingenious idea and has positively contributed to therapy for several of my patients. I appreciated the immediate customer service responsiveness with questions and incredibly fast turnaround on a larger order. Thank you for developing and bringing to market this incredible product."

Dr. Timothy Doolin, DMD

Angel Fire Family Dentistry

"The REMplenish nozzle is one of the best devices I have seen invented for airway health. I personally use one and recommend them to every patient. The science behind the nozzle is fantastic and more importantly they work. Not just for snoring but for reposturing to promote nose breathing. I talk to my patients about the importance of training our body when we are not paying attention and that is what this nozzle does. We love the REMplenish Jr! Perfect ‘biohack’ to solve a problem that plagues way too many children."

OMT Duluth

“Thank you so much for the REMplenish Jr Myo-Nozzles! They are amazing! We are especially in love with the ridges on the straw that stimulate the tongue and the palate. We feel this will significantly improve neuromuscular connections and encourage proper tongue resting posture. We are continuing to include the use of a REMplenish Myo-nozzle in all of our Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy Courses and we include a myo-nozzle in each kit that our patients receive when they begin a course of therapy with us.”

Karindy Ong, MA, CCC-SLP, CFT, OMT

Myohacker SLP

“I have seen great improvement in my younger patients who use REMplenish Jr. You can see the difference in their facial structures, the way they swallow and their tongue posture. I can’t wait to see how it can help more kids improve their growth and development, airway, and sleep.”

Dr. Shereen Lim, DDS, Author of "Breathe, Sleep, Thrive"

“A shout out of thanks to REMastered Sleep for the opportunity to try out your nozzles! I've enjoyed using it, and being more conscious of the back of the tongue and throat muscles working. I can see the value in incorporating these to help promote more normal swallowing, and tone of the throat muscles in combination with myofunctional therapy, and especially after tongue-tie release.”

Dr. Kalli Hale Airway Dentist

Dr. Kalli Hale, DDS

New Teeth Dental Solutions

"We have had great feedback so far - my 3 kids personally have been using it without issue and I find it such a great tool to add to our kits of helping our kids thrive/sleep/breathe better."

Kimmie Herrera Myofunctional Therapist

Kimmie Herrera, BSDH, RDH, OMT

"I have a little 3 year old [using REMplenish Jr] who is the most compliant and he loves it, and asks for it when he is drinking water. He is simultaneously doing myofunctional therapy with me, but so far, we are seeing more strength in his tongue resulting in improved speech articulation and motor control with eating. He is sleeping more soundly as well. I love how the straw really supports myofunctional therapy, especially with the little ones who have a harder time with many exercises just due to comprehension and cooperation. I'll definitely be recommending this regularly for the kiddos, like I have done with adults."

Dr. Andy Sabatier PT, DPT

Academy West Breathing & Performance

"My favorite thing about the REMplenish concept is that it doesn’t make someone add anything extra to their life. By simply switching water bottles or straws, someone can get stronger and help themselves. These are ideal for someone looking to help themselves in every way possible who get intimidated by having to “do too much"...  I have used this product personally as well as with my family including children as young as 2 and adults as old as 75. I’ll end this endorsement by simply saying that every single human being would benefit from using this product. Anything that influences more functional breathing in a non-invasive way with low cost and high durability is worth the investment. If you value your airway, your breathing, your dental health, your sleep, or your fitness - you have found a great product."

Kimi Nishimoto, RDH, OMT

Mouth Muscle Memory

"I have been using the REMplenish myo-nozzle since 2021. What makes my program unique is that I use the REMplenish with ALL of my clients, young kids and adults. I have found it to be very helpful for my clients with low awareness of their tongue, they will say “I can feel how I am supposed to swallow, and I’ve never swallowed that way ever before”. Or I have also heard “Wow it feels really good to swallow the right way!”... Lastly, I love using the REMplenish for the kids I work with. It helps them to intuitively swallow and build those muscles. Young kids can have a hard time with complex instructions and feel frustrated if it doesn’t make sense to their brains. I am currently working with a little boy with cerebral palsy, and he has very little body awareness, but he is able to use his REMplenish which is very exciting!"

Jean Nelson, MS, CCC-SLP

AZ Doula Jean

“I purchased the REMplenish Myo-Nozzle for myself several months ago, in hopes to strengthen my muscles and decrease my tongue thrust swallow. As a Speech-Language Pathologist working in the world of feeding and myofunctional therapy, the resting position of my tongue and the way I swallow has become extremely important to me. After just a few uses, I was very impressed with the way the nozzle corrects the tongue function during a swallow. I had never swallowed that way in my life! I could FEEL the difference almost instantly. The first week or so, I noticed my muscles strengthening and changing. This nozzle is a fantastic tool for many. It can help support a tongue thrust swallow, improve tongue function which could help with not only better breathing, sleep and energy but also children with low tone, speech sound errors or other oral dysfunction. My whole family of 5 now each has their own REMplenish nozzle. I cannot recommend enough!”

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