REMplenish Jr™ Myo-Nozzle Plastic Bottle Kit - Child

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  • Improve tongue position and strength for better breathing, sleep, growth & development
  • Simple & easy for kids to use consistently - just drink water
  • Economical way to set your child on the right path

For children age 3-9+

18 oz. capacity, BPA-free

Availability of bottle colors vary from time to time. Currently the Grey and Fuchsia colors are sold out. * Lavender is a limited quantity color and will not be available once sold out.

Color: Teal

The REMplenish Jr Myo-Nozzle plastic bottle is a simple way to help your child breathe and sleep better while supporting proper facial growth and development. This unique system includes the REMplenish Jr Myo-Nozzle, which exercises your tongue and upper airway muscles, that attaches to the lid of an 18 oz plastic water bottle with flip-top cover. The bottle is an easy, lightweight, convenient and portable option. Drinking 12-30 ounces of water daily using REMplenish Jr can put your child on a path to a lifetime of improved breathing and sleeping.

This nozzle is designed specifically for children between 3-9 years of age. 18 oz. capacity bottle, BPA-free. Nozzle is made of medical grade silicone.

Testimonials for REMplenish Jr

Kimmie Herrera Myofunctional Therapist

"I have a little 3 year old who is the most compliant and he loves it, and asks for it when he is drinking water. He is simultaneously doing myofunctional therapy with me, but so far, we are seeing more strength in his tongue resulting in improved speech articulation and motor control with eating. He is sleeping more soundly as well. I love how the straw really supports myofunctional therapy, especially with the little ones who have a harder time with many exercises just due to comprehension and cooperation. I'll definitely be recommending this regularly for the kiddos, like I have done with adults."

- Kimmie Herrera, Myofunctional Therapist
Dr. Kalli Hale Airway Dentist

"We have had great feedback so far - my 3 kids personally have been using it without issue and I find it such a great tool to add to our kits of helping our kids thrive/sleep/breathe better."

- Dr. Kalli Hale, Airway Dentist

"My 6-year-old needed it the most, so she got the first one & now I am ordering for everyone. When she started using hers, she couldn't swallow pills & struggled with chewing. Our myofunctional therapist recommended the straw to help with swallowing. She recommended using the Myo Munchee, Froggymouth & REMplenish straw each day for both kids to build better patterns and stronger muscles. Now she can easily swallow pills and capsules."

- Jaclyn Clark, Mom of REMplenish User

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Sara Chasse
Nozzle broken

I wanted to like this bottle! My son found it fun to chew at first and I reached out to REMplenish that I needed a replacement nozzle. I haven’t heard back from the company yet. Part of their satisfaction is that they would provide a new nozzle if a child chews it as they know it’s not durable. The bottle itself isn’t worth more than 10 bucks without the nozzle. Additionally the nozzle discolored when juice was added. I would like to continue to use this product but I need to hear back from the company. I have already been referring them to friends so I hope they come through.

Marla S.
Great product!

I love how simple and smart this design is. It's so easy to incorporate with everyday life without having to do something extra, or have to get your kid to do something they don't want to do. They are already drinking water! We have used for about a month and I have already seen improvements with breathing and sleeping at night. Thanks for making something so profound.

We are so glad you are seeing such great results. Sleep is EVERYTHING! Thank you for sharing!

Mandy Cancino
Strengthen mouth muscles

I have a little boy with Down syndrome and decided to give this product a try. I think it's helping. Its always hard to pinpoint. But he is repeating more words that I say and I hear less snoring. Would I buy this product again, absolutely! It's non-invasive and I didn't have to force him to use it. Even if it's helping just a bit, it's a win in my book.

Megaan Cianci

Our daughter has a very narrow pallet and struggles with some things because of it. This straw is one of a few tools we plan to use to help with her airway and tongue position. After a few weeks of using it she is speaking more clearly, entered a growth spurt, and is making huge progress in some developmental delays. Thank you!

Bridget Keller
Jr bottle

My daughter loves it so much and drinks more water because of it !

Fantastic! So glad she likes it!