Airway Podcasts

We love our airway experts! Click the links below to listen to our interviews with some of the leading advocates in the airway health movement.

The Untethered Podcast

Episode 239: Changing The World’s Airway Health with Anders Olmanson, MS

The Milk Making Minutes

Episode 154 How Breastfeeding (or Not) Impacts Breathing and What Can Be Done About It with Jennifer Rooney of Remastered Sleep

I Spy with my Myo Eye...

Episode 88 ft. Anders Olmanson CEO | REMastered Sleep

Sleep Apnea Stories

108 - Anders Olmanson - REMplenish Myo Nozzle - Reducing Snoring while Drinking Water

The Tongue Tie Experts Podcast

Why is snoring a problem? Jennifer Rooney of REMastered Sleep: Episode 336

The Healthy Mouth Movement Podcast

REMplenish with Jennifer Rooney

The Munch Bunch Podcast

A water bottle that can help you with snoring. Guest Anders Olmanson

The Untethered Podcast

Episode 140: REMastered Sleep: Fighting Snoring One Water Bottle At A Time with Anders Olmanson

The Tech.Mn Podcast

Catching Better Zs With Anders Olmanson Of REMastered Sleep

I Spy with my Myo Eye...

Episode 58 ft. Anders Olmanson, MS, CEO REMastered Sleep

Sarah Hornsby - MyoMentor

Have You Tried This New Myofunctional Water Bottle??