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Frequently Asked Questions

How does REMplenish help prevent snoring?

The REMplenish myo-nozzle provides exercise which strengthens and tightens the base of the tongue which may reduce the risk of vibration and collapsibility of the airway related to snoring. REMastered Sleep offers a risk-free 60-day moneyback guarantee. Most people notice changes after 1 month of use while others may notice improvement in just 1-2 weeks. Give REMplenish a try risk free for the first 60 days!

Can REMplenish help with sleep apnea?

Studies have shown myofunctional therapy/upper airway exercise is effective at helping with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. REMplenish is designed to make these exercises easy by strengthening the back of the tongue, which may reduce the risk of snoring and airway collapsibility. REMplenish is not a replacement for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea with a medical professional. We offer a 60-day risk-free money back guarantee allowing you to try it and see if it adds benefit to your other sleep apnea treatments!

Can REMplenish help with tongue thrust issues?

We recommend that you consult with a myofunctional therapist to address your tongue thrust issue. Many myofunctional therapists use REMplenish to assist with the correction of a tongue thrust and implement REMplenish at an appropriate time in therapy based on your individual needs. Myofunctional therapists have additional treatments and therapies to correct this issue.

Which product should I order?

The power is in the REMplenish myo-nozzle; it is the therapeutic part of the product that provides the benefits. This REMplenish myo-nozzle is included in all our products.

The “Straw Kit” (no water bottle included) is for use with your own cups/tumblers. It includes: REMplenish myo-nozzle, metal straw, protective straw boot, straw cleaning brush, and instructions for use.

“The Steel Bottle Kit” includes a double walled insulated stainless steel water bottle to go with the REMplenish myo-nozzle/straw. It includes: stainless steel water bottle, REMplenish myo-nozzle, metal straw, protective straw boot, straw cleaning brush, and instructions for use.

Individual “REMplenish-Myo Nozzles” are available for use on your own 8-10mm reusable straw or if you need a replacement or an extra one on hand. The individual myo-nozzles come with a cleaning brush and instructions.

How is the straw secured in the steel water bottle?

The straw is not attached to the bottle and sits loose within the bottle. When you close the screw top lid, the myo-nozzle gently bends to secure the straw for travel and will not rattle with the straw boot attached. The straw can be easily removed giving you the option to use in another cup or tumbler, or to use the water bottle alone for therapy “off days” (5 days therapy on, 2 days therapy off).

Does the straw kit work in another bottle?

The REMplenish Straw Kit can be used with containers that normally use a metal straw such as a tumbler with a straw port, such as a Yeti, or any open-top cup or glass. The metal straw is 8mm in diameter.

If you are using your own water bottle with a lid, the straw may or may not fit depending on the height of the bottle. The myo-nozzle + straw + straw boot is approximately 11 inches/28cm in length. You DO want the nozzle to stick up over the lip of the bottle so you can drink from it, and the nozzle is designed to fold back about an inch when a cap is screwed over it. If this is too tall, you could remove the optional straw boot piece, making the myo-nozzle + straw a little less than 10.5 inches tall.

Can I use the REMplenish myo-nozzle on another straw?

Yes, the REMplenish Myo-Nozzle fits reusable straws 8-10mm in diameter.

Do you have other bottle colors available?

Our bottle colors change from time to time depending on supply chain availability. The only current available colors are the ones you can see available for purchase here.

Do you have a plastic version of the bottle available?

We had a plastic bottle in the past, but due to supply chain they are currently not available. We are hoping to restock plastic bottles sometime in the near future. Please check back.

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How much water does the steel water bottle hold?

The capacity of the REMplenish Steel Bottle Kit is 25 oz (739 mL).

Can I use REMplenish to drink warm or hot water?

We recommend only cold or room temperature water. The REMplenish therapy myo-nozzle changes your swallow pattern; to avoid burning your throat DO NOT use with hot water.

Can REMplenish be used by children?

Our current REMplenish myo-nozzle is designed for adult-sized mouths, but we plan to release a child-specific version later in 2023. We recommend children using the product work with a myofunctional therapist or speech language pathologist to ensure proper use. You can subscribe to our website to receive updates on the upcoming launch of pediatric products!

Which is the easiest product to use for people with disabilities/special needs?

This will depend upon your specific needs. The REMplenish Steel Bottle Kit has a screw top lid and weighs just under 1 pound when empty, and a little over 2.5 pounds when full. The REMplenish Straw Kit can be placed in any cup or tumbler you already have.

What is your money back guarantee?

REMastered Sleep offers a 60-day money back guarantee. You may return the product for any reason to receive a full refund. You will be responsible for the shipping cost to return the product. Please go to our contact form and see "Returns" section in the first dropdown to send your return.

Are your products covered by an HSA/FSA account?

If you are using a REMplenish product recommended by a health care provider as treatment for an illness or disability (such as sleep apnea, tongue issues, TMJ, etc), you could purchase the REMplenish with HSA/FSA funds, knowing that you may need to provide documentation from the health care provider. REMplenish is classified as a physical therapy/speech/sleep aid device when recommended by a physician or therapist. Please make sure to keep your receipt for documentation. If you are audited and it is deemed an inappropriate purchase, you would have to reimburse the account used. If you try your HSA/FSA card in our checkout and it doesn't work: you may have to use a different card, and try to submit the receipt for reimbursement after the fact.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we ship within the U.S. and to Canada. International customers can use a local shipping forwarder called Vyking Ship to handle the international shipping leg. Essentially, we send it to them and they send it on to you. All international customers will be responsible for duties and taxes for your individual country. If you would like to consider this option, please visit their website at https://www.vykingship.com/. The first step is to set up a free online account where Vyking Ship will guide you through the process. They provide shipping
calculations and estimates based on your location, package dimensions and weight.

Here are some common shipping specifications:

• 1 REMplenish Straw Kit: Padded mailer, 7.5x11 inches and 0.2269 lbs

• 1 REMplenish Steel Kit: Ships in a box, 12x4x4 inches and 1.163 lbs

The team at Vyking Ship is very helpful and responsive for shipping questions. If you are ordering multiple REMplenish products: Please submit a “Shipping” ticket on our contact form. We will assist you with package dimensions to aid in your calculations.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes! Our neighbors to the North can purchase REMplenish products directly through our website Shop page. Canadian buyers will be responsible for paying shipping, duties, and taxes.

How long does shipping take?

We strive to fulfill orders within 1 business day. We cannot fulfill orders on the weekend, so they will be shipped the following Monday. Orders over $80 include free economy shipping within the continental U.S. Expedited shipping options are available for purchase at checkout. Shipping delays are generally carrier-related and not controllable by us (weather, carrier staff shortages, post office issues, etc). You will receive an email with a tracking number as soon as your order is fulfilled!

Do you have a physical store/Can I pick up my order locally?

No, all orders are purchased and shipped through the online store. We offer free economy shipping on orders $80 and over (continental US only).