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  • KTTC

    Mayo Clinic Study Helps People With Sleep Anea

    Mayo Clinic will be starting a study to help people with sleep apnea. Anders Olmanson, Founder of Remastered Sleep and inventor of REMplenish, joined Midwest Access Tuesday to talk more about the study.

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  • KARE11

    A Snoring Solution? Minnesota Startup Invents 'Dream' Water Bottle

    Thanks to an Eagan-based startup, snoring relief could be as easy as drinking water.

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  • KSTP

    REMastered Sleep on Minnesota Live

    REMastered Sleep CEO, Anders Olmanson, joined KSTP's Minnesota Live to talk about how REMplenish can help with snoring.

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    Former Medtronic employee's device aims to relieve snoring and sleep apnea

    Anders Olmanson had known since he was an undergraduate that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. So leaving a stable job he loved at Medtronic to spend nine months traveling the world and learn about health care issues in countries like China, India and Vietnam wasn't totally out of character...

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    REMastered Sleep Expands Into Canada

    Eagan's REMastered Sleep is expanding its product sales into Canada. In a press release, the company announced its REMplenish water bottle, straw, and bottle kits will be available for international shipping throughout the country starting on June 1...

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    Snoring relief from a cup spout?

    Tonsils—check, uvula—check, sore arm from holding the tongue down—check. The throat, also known as the oropharynx or airway, has been neglected in dentistry for too long...

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    Minnesota startup makes water bottle to cure snoring

    Most snoring remedies are focused on nighttime tactics: a breathing apparatus on the face, or an elbow in a partner's ribs. But a Twin Cities startup is taking an altogether different approach — shaped like a water bottle...

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    REMastered Sleep Water Bottle Review

    While visiting a physical therapist with my wife, the conversation turned to my snoring. “He snores bad.” my wife unapologetically said. The therapist began citing reasons for snoring and ways to improve it. One of them is to start trying to breath more through the nose. Most snorers are mouth breathers (like myself). She also mentioned a new product she had become aware of that was having good success...

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    TLI Graduate Discusses His Journey in Medical Device Innovation

    Anders Olmanson has always been interested in studying sleep. After years of researching medical needs related to sleep, he created an effective solution for two of the most common problems: a water bottle that exercises mouth muscles to fight snoring and, hopefully in the future, obstructive sleep apnea...

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    REMplenish Straw

    Sheree Wertz from DentalHygiene411 interviews Jennifer Rooney of REMastered Sleep. Jennifer introduces REMplenish, the natural solution to snoring that's as easy as drinking water. This unique water bottle and straw combination is more than just a hydration tool - it's an exercise device for your airway. REMplenish uses upper airway exercises combined with drinking water to provide targeted resistance to the muscles in your mouth and throat, helping to exercise your airway and keep it healthier.

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    A water bottle that can help you with snoring.

    Guest Anders Olmanson, CEO and creator of REMastered Sleep and the REMplenish Myofunctional water bottle. We had heard of this water bottle from Dr Zaghi, and were curious if it actually helped. Megan and Kimi both got them to product test and try them out. Result: WE LOVE IT. Plain and simple. You can feel the swallow happening how it was designed to, with the tongue working like a pump. You also can feel the muscles in the throat.

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    Episode 140: REMastered Sleep: Fighting Snoring One Water Bottle At A Time with Anders Olmanson

    In this episode, Hallie talks with Anders Olmanson, CEO, of REMastered Sleep about the REMplenish water bottle that aims to combat snoring. Anders tells the story behind inventing this product and how he got into this space. They discuss the key benefits of using this bottle and the main goals of the water bottle and myofunctional therapy. Anders also talks about what to expect as well as the product applications.

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    The Tech.Mn Podcast: Catching Better Zs With Anders Olmanson Of REMastered Sleep

    Anders Olmanson, Founder and CEO of REMastered Sleep, brings hyperawareness of tongue placement to the masses during this episode of The Podcast. Learn all about how REMastered Sleep is addressing snoring, sleep apnea, and more with a simple water bottle.

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    Episode 58 ft. Anders Olmanson, MS, CEO REMastered Sleep

    Anders Olmanson is the CEO of REMastered Sleep. He is a passionate medical innovator who aspires to make being healthy easy. He invented REMplenish, a myofunctional therapy water bottle that makes myo easy to integrate into daily routine.

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    Have You Tried This New Myofunctional Water Bottle??

    In this video, Sarah Hornsby interviews Anders Olmanson as part of the REMastered Sleep Webinar she hosted in 2021. Anders is the creator and inventor of the REMplenish Myo Nozzle - the first ever nozzle that is designed to help the muscles of the mouth and face while you drink. It uses all of the same principles and concepts of myofunctional therapy, and Sarah has been recommending it to her students and patients since she discovered it.

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