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How Does REMplenish Help me Breathe and Sleep Better?

The REMplenish Myo-Nozzle provides targeted resistance to the muscles in your mouth and throat while you drink water, helping to exercise
your airway and make it stronger. A healthy airway can lead to better breathing, reducing snoring, better sleep, and more energy during the day.

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Stronger Airway

REMplenish provides guided exercise repetitions with targeted resistance to easily strengthen the airway.

Myofunctional Therapy Support

Reinforces proper tongue position helping to stabilize the airway and support essential nasal breathing.

Improved Sleep

A stronger airway leads to better sleep quality, improved breathing, and reduced snoring.

There is an Airway Health Epidemic

We are facing an ever-growing airway health epidemic. Over 1 billion people suffer from sleep related breathing disorders with most going undiagnosed and untreated. This has a profound impact on physical health and mental well-being.

Compared to our ancestors, we eat a soft processed food diet resulting in underused facial muscles, smaller jaws, and a weaker airway. A small weak airway is more likely to collapse impacting the ability to breathe and sleep.

airway health epidemic

REMplenish: Changing the Airway Health Epidemic

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Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

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Early intervention is critical in the growth years of Children

Learn how REMplenish Jr leads to improved breathing, better quality sleep, and healthier and happier kids.
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Trusted by 50k+ people to improve their airway health

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"I have been using the water bottle for about 6 months and it has made a HUGE difference in the amount of sleep we get. The reduction of snoring I experienced by using the specialized water bottle has lead to my wife sleeping well & I catch fewer elbows and kicks to wake me up to stop snoring. My throat muscles are now tight again, this is what I needed to make great progress toward my goal of being snore free. Thanks for a great product and the tips and info that comes with the water bottle kit."


"Incredible: At the beginning I had to stop and think how to use the straw. It is definitely a tongue workout that I was not used to. But after a day or two it becomes natural. I have being using it for less than a month and my husband already thinks that my snoring has been less disturbing."


"Great device! Even without doing all the recommended tongue exercises from the dentist, this device alone makes a huge difference. Seems hard to suction at first but within just a week or so I seemed to forget the difficulty as it just naturally became easier. And the improved swallowing pattern from drinking through this straw tip carries over when not using it. After a couple weeks sleeping more soundly now too. Thank you REMS!!!"


"I was a total skeptic. Got it mostly to appease my girl friend showing I was taking steps to address a problem I thought would never be fixed. Wow was I wrong. The remastered sleep straw worked after 7 days and it’s been a few months of far less snoring and when I do snore it’s far less loud."


"Thumbs Up! Bought it for my son who snores very loudly. His father has sleep apnea. I wanted my son to use this straw to avoid a sleep apnea diagnosis in the future. So far, my son's snoring has improved IMMENSELY. Thank you!"


"I LOVE IT! I use my REMplenish 1 to 2 times a day and am constantly refilling it and keeping it handy in my fridge. It works! I'm SLEEPING BETTER through the night and less snoring. I've felt my tongue and throat muscles tighten and tone. Another bonus is my double chin is disappearing. I'm sharing this with my dentist, hygienist, and family. Thank you for this product."


"I have been using this product for about 2 months now. It only takes a very short time to get used to drinking from the nozzle. I have sleep apnea and was using a Cpap machine, I believe my Apnea numbers have decreased. I am now using a mouthpiece instead which has been a blessing. I don't believe I snore like I used to. This product is definitely worth the investment and I believe it does what it says it will do. A big thank you to the wonderful people at REMastered sleep!"


"Goodness this thing helped a lot. First - my jawline is beautiful. Nicely shaped and toned. I found that I have energy to chew my food more. It's amazing. Second - my snoring reduced significantly. I still have a septum issue but with the strengthened muscles in my neck and chin, there's less sound (at least I'm not waking anyone up anymore)."


"I have recommended this product to many of my clients and everyone of them who have purchased the straw kit has really enjoyed the benefits and reminder of where the tongue is supposed to be at rest and a couple of stated they believe it has assisted with reducing snoring."


"Nothing seemed to work until REMplenish."


"This device is so helpful correcting tongue swallowing pattern and helping to tone the airway muscles. It has been a great addition to myofunctional therapy and I will continue to recommend it."


"Maintaining proper tongue posture can significantly improve health and your overall well-being. It's a simple yet powerful tool that can enhance breathing, reduce snoring, relieve tension in the jaw, and improve facial appearance."

Backed by Science
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Mayo Clinic

REMplenish is being used in a clinical study at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for obstructive sleep apnea.

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Usability Study

93% of snorers have reported snoring improvement after one month of using the REMplenish Myo Nozzle. Check out the Usability Study below as well as supporting myofunctional therapy research data.


Of snorers reported improvement in their snoring after one month of using the company's REMplenish Myo-Nozzle
MN Cup 2023

REMastered Sleep wins runner-up in MN Cup startup competition!

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Meet the Founder

Anders Olmanson

Anders is a passionate medical innovator with a background in biomedical engineering who previously worked at Medtronic. The REMastered Sleep journey started in 2020 with an idea to help the estimated 1 billion people who suffer from sleep related breathing disorders. Inspired by the Aboriginal didgeridoo instrument and backed by myofunctional therapy research, the REMplenish Myo-Nozzle was invented to be a simple everyday solution to improve airway health and get better sleep.

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