REMplenish User Stories

Read REMplenish users' success stories - in their own words.

REMplenish user

"My husband says my snoring has reduced dramatically. He sometimes checks to see if I am actually awake because there is almost no noise! I have noticed reduced jaw pain from clenching as I sleep. Easy to use and results were fast too! Bonus is increased hydration!"

Christina R.

"We are a few days in with our Jr water bottle and I’m so thrilled at how excited she has been to use it. It was such a simple transition and I can’t wait to see how this helps move our journey along with her mouth!! "

REMplenish user

"So far so good! I’m 7 days into therapy and have noted a significant improvement in my sleep score from my pulse oximeter. I will definitely continue."

REMplenish user

"I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea twice and the third time a doctor said I didn't have sleep apnea; however, when I would fall asleep while getting a facial and while lying in the sun on my chaise lounge I would gasp for air. I know my own body so, I decided to take matters into my own hands when I noticed that my soft palate would collapse during a certain type of breathing exercise and ordered the REMastered water bottle. I can tell my soft palate is stronger and I can allow my throat to work when it needs to and relax when it needs to thanks to the REMastered water bottle which has helped strengthen my soft palate."

Erika Salazar

"After 2.5 months of using the REMplenish Jr. bottle, my 3 year old son has significantly reduced open mouth posture, significantly reduced tongue thrust swallow, and improved base of tongue retraction! He has dysphagia and drinks thickened liquids so we took the REMplenish bottle to his recent swallow study and the SLP there was amazed at how “textbook perfect” the back of his tongue looked and the swallow pattern he had while using it. For two years I’ve been trying to get him to close his mouth at rest and improve his breathing, eating, and swallowing and I am so grateful for the REMplenish Jr. water bottle being the push over the edge to get the back of his tongue activated and significantly improving his function. I’m a happy mama!"

Chris P.

"Seven months ago I had surgery to clear my nose so I could breath thru it. At one of my visits the Dr mentioned REMplenish. I went to the site and placed an order. I have to use a CPAP at night and chose nose pillows rather then a full mask. Either way you can not breath thru your mouth to achieve optimal sleep. After so many years of restricted nasal breathing I had to train myself to close my mouth. REMplenish has helped immensely in that process. I am now able to breath thru my nose all day and night. Thank you for helping me in my journey to better health. "

Kris Y.

"I looked into this after hearing friend’s husband got improvement on snoring levels and wanted to recommend to my brother who was not using his C-pap machine. It turns out I could also use help reducing my snoring. I started using the straw in addition to doing exercises with Snore Gym app and my snore score has improved a lot. Now my snoring episodes are much quieter and farther between."

REMplenish user

"Bought for my 3 year old daughter she was a mouth breather specifically at night after about a month of using the REMplenish I have noticed she is sleeping with her mouth closed. I have also noticed some speech improvements almost like she has more confidence in talking."

Maria Z.

"I’ve been using it for about 3 months and definitely my tongue has improved its tone and strength and swallowing is more efficient. The only room for improvement is water spills when bottle has some inclination so makes it difficult for those in the go and when travelling."

Crystal L.

"The REMastered straw has helped me so much with breathing at night. I used to mouth breathe because my palette is small and my jaw would drop open when sleeping, bringing my tongue down with it. BUT, after using the straw I am sleeping during the night with my tongue up in its proper position! I'm so glad I found this product."

Lauren Y.

"My 6 year old has had restless sleep her whole life. For the last year she's been wearing a myofacial device at night to train her tongue to stay on the roof of her mouth. We have seen minimal improvement. Within a couple weeks of using the REMasteredSleep nozzle, her restlessness has improved by at least 80%. I am absolutely shocked and only wish I had found this before spending nearly $1,000 on the other appliance."

Charissa T.

"My son at 3.5yrs old was not sleeping through the night around and when he was sleeping he was waking up tired and this was affecting his behavior. After two weeks of using the cup he was sleeping through the night! We also do other therapies but this one cup truly moved the needle the most for his sleeping and in turn his behavior. It’s a tool that is a must in our tool kit!"

Marilyn S.

"I heard about REMplenish on a sleep seminar series. I ordered just the silicone tip and straw. It truly has been amazing. I am 76 yrs young and use a cpap machine. I know snoring is an issue for me and have now been using it for about three weeks. The back of my tongue is so much stronger and I don’t seem to be snoring. Fantastic took!"

Mandee L.

"My son has open mouth posture and we had been using the myomunchee, which is great, but the REMplenish straw is so great because compliance is easy- he’s just drinking water! We noticed an immediate improvement in the muscle ton as he now has his mouth closed while sleeping and closed more often than it used to be when awake. I am so thankful to have this easy way of helping him breath with his mouth closed and protect him from all of the implications that has!"

Laura G.

"I started snoring in menopause. I first used a snore tracker to gauge how often I was snoring. It was usually about two hours a night. I started using Remplentish. At first I could feel some muscle soreness in my mouth and throat. That was. A sign of the weakened muscles in that area. That passed quickly as I exercised the muscles with the remplentish. I did the snore tracker again a couple months later and it was down to about 5-10 minutes a night ! Successful, I’d say !!"

Kate S.

"I have always struggled with sleep and snoring (and waking myself up snoring). For the first time it is easier for me to keep my mouth closed while sleeping (and awake!). I am definitely sleeping better and I no longer wake myself up snoring!"

Analise K.

"Myself and my 3.5 year old twins have all started using the nozzle a few months ago. For myself I’ve noticed that I don’t have this constant post nasal drip . Previously it felt like mucus was stuffy behind my soft palate and I just wouldn’t be able to clear it. Now it seems I have the muscle strength to easy clear it ! With my kids I’ve noticed a closed mouth at rest (this is new) and less noisy sleep. I’m excited to see what changes I notice long term!"

Mark M.

"I purchased the REMeplenish water bottle about 3 years ago. I used it for about a year and the results were spot on, I snored less. I have a sleep app that records my snoring and gives me a score. My results were better after using the water bottle. For some reason I quit using it.....but recently I started to use it again. WOW it works. I will continue to use REMplenish. Thanks"

Sam C.

"I've tried everything including spending $9000+ on a palate expander and using a mandibular advancement device at night. Still snored! I've been doing REMplenish for about a month now and somewhere around week 2, my wife hasn't reported any snoring :) That means so far, doing GREAT! A few months to go and see if it keeps getting better and better. This might be the last step in a long journey to try to resolve this."

Alyssa P.

"We found these bottles while on our 3 children’s airway health journey. They have been helpful and most of all I saw improvements with our 5 year old and her snoring. We have had the cups for a little over a month. We can’t wait to see the gains and what’s to come in the future."

REMplenish user

"i struggled with UARS and RERS (retraction extraction regret syndrome, coined by Dr Liao) after having 4 teeth pulled and braces to 'straighten my teeth as a child; however, in reality, it pushed my jaw back. I have now worked to epigenetically expand my jaw back to where it should have been, but after aligning the teeth, realized i have a bit of a tongue thrust creating a bit of space. That's where REMplenish came in! what a cool and wonderful way to retrain my tongue. and side benefit, a stronger tongue is helping fuilly decrease snoring and improve sleep!!"

Stephanie D.

"This has truly added value to my life. A few years ago I had my tongue tie clipped with expectations that it was going to cure all and I didn't have any type of training to retrain my tongue. My tongue felt so lazy that it was to the point of difficulty choking on my spit and even difficulty with speaking clearly. I also suffer from snoring and the apnea was worse. I found this straw and it has really turned things around for me. The first week of using it all the muscles in my mouth were sore. I kept with it and I noticed a substantial difference. I no longer choke on my own spit and had people notice my speech improve. I'm still working on it improving my snoring but I'm pretty sure I have a deviated septum. The more I use it the better things get. I even took the straw to my doctor and she thought it was awesome and now recommends it to her patients. The price shocks some people but i don't have lots of resources in my rural town. Start with the route cause today!"

Kristin M.

"Our two year old has oral dysfunction which majorly affected his sleep at night. We realized something was wrong when our two year old was waking more often at night than our newborn! He would often wake us with horrible night terrors that would take a long time to calm down from. As every exhausted parent would went through all the sleep support options- melatonin, magnesium, checking with a myofunctional therapist for recommendations etc. As he is still too young to adequately benefit from myofunctional therapy we were so relieved to come across this water bottle recommendation on the internet. After about three weeks of use we noticed that he was only waking once a night, and now a month later he is sleeping through the night!! We're all catching up on two years of major sleep disruption over here and so grateful."

Linda B.

"I have found that using the REMplenish straw has greatly improved my TMJ. I have had issues with teeth grinding and clenching for about 20 years. I also have sleep moderate apnea and of course snore. However, after experiencing a chipped crown and subsequent root canal due to the tightness of the TMJ, I figured that I would give this straw a whirl. Compared to the cost of further dental work damage, it was a bargain. I gave it a try and found that within about 2 weeks my jaws ached less and the headaches had stopped. Within 5 weeks, the TMJ has stopped and there was a firmer feeling under my chin. My teeth weren't as sensitive either. The straw lasts me about 5-6 months. I've just opened up my 3rd straw and plan to use these indefinitely. My husband and children say I snore less but mostly that I'm just sunnier because I'm not in such pain. I say, well, then make sure no one touches Mommy's straw!"

Christina S.

"I have been using the REMastered straw in conjunction with orofacial myofunctional therapy, with Angela Richwine, for two months and my college roommate has noticed a difference in my snoring. I went from a heavy snore to a light purr. My choir professor and I have both noticed a difference in ease of hitting notes. Thank you to Angela for introducing me to the [REMplenish Myo-Nozzle] straw. I wish I knew about it sooner."