How It Works

REMplenish combines upper airway exercises with the natural action of drinking making it a simple & easy to use solution to improve airway health and get better sleep.

REMplenish provides guided exercise repetitions with targeted resistance to easily strengthen the airway and improve tongue posture.

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REMplenish™ Provides Targeted Tongue and Throat Exercise While You Drink Water

Due to our modern soft diets and lifestyles, the muscles of the tongue and throat are often underdeveloped and weak. Exercising and strengthening those key muscles leads to optimal function and breathing, reduced snoring, and a stronger airway.

This leads to improved airway health and better sleep.

Backed By Science

In a 2020 REMplenish usability study, 93% of users reported a reduction in snoring, and 34% said they were more awake during the day.
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A healthier airway allows for:

Reduced Snoring

Improved Sleep

Better Breathing

More Energy

How Airway Health Impacts Mental & Physical Health

While most often associated with sleep issues such as snoring or sleep apnea, poor airway health can contribute to a multitude of conditions including chronic fatigue, headaches, depression, anxiety, excess weight gain, behavioral issues such as ADHD, bed wetting in children and many more.

Compared to our ancestors, we eat a softer more processed food diet resulting in the under use of the muscles for chewing and swallowing. As a result, our mouths are smaller, and our tongue and facial muscles are weak and under-utilized. A smaller mouth/jaw and weaker muscles results in a less efficient airway, impacting the ability to breathe and get quality sleep. This can affect every aspect of mental and physical health. – Here are just a few of the conditions that are related to poor airway health.

Snoring & Restless Sleep

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Anxiety, Depression & Behavioral Issues

Chronic Fatigue

Headache & Brain Fog

Grinding, Crowded & Broken Teeth

Digestive Issues

Facial & TMJ Pain

Speech Problems

The Critical Role of the Tongue in Airway Health

The tongue plays a vital role in how a person eats, swallows, tastes, speaks, and most importantly breathes and sleeps!

The position of the tongue affects how strong the airway is to reduce the risk of airway collapse or vibration. Humans are obligate nasal breathers and are not intended to breathe through their mouth. When breathing through the mouth at night, it makes it more easy for the jaw to open and tongue to relax and fall back into the airway.

Good tongue posture helps stabilize the jaw and is the natural way to promote nasal breathing through the day and night. To achive proper tongue posture, the front and back of the tongue should be lightly suctioned to the roof of the mouth with the tip of the tongue 1/4" behind the top front teeth.

Practicing good tongue posture and nasal breathing through the day builds powerful habits that carry over into the night leading to better breathing & sleep.


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