REMplenish™ Myo-Nozzle & Straw - Adult

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  • Improve tongue strength and function for better breathing, improved sleep, and less snoring
  • Simple & easy to use consistently - just drink water
  • Economical way to improve your airway health

For use with your favorite cups or tumblers

Length of straw + nozzle = 10.25 inches (26cm), diameter of straw = 8mm

90-day money-back guarantee & warranty

Introducing the REMplenish Myo-Nozzle & Straw Kit - your ultimate weapon to improve breathing and get more quantity and quality sleep! Despite its small size, this powerful device can work wonders for improving your ability to breathe well at night, reduce snoring and ultimately sleep better and longer by simply exercising your tongue and upper airway. The Myo-Nozzle combines passive repetitive exercise and the natural action of drinking water. With regular use, the REMplenish can help reduce snoring and improve breathing to achieve a more restful night's sleep. Don't let a weak airway keep you up at night any longer - try the REMplenish Myo-Nozzle & Straw today!

The REMplenish Myo-Nozzle & Straw Kit can be used with containers that normally use a metal straw such as a tumbler with a straw port or any open-top cup or glass (length of straw + nozzle = 10.25 inches/26 cm, diameter of straw = 8mm).

Testimonials for REMplenish™

"I have been using the water bottle for about 6 months and it has made a HUGE difference in the amount of sleep we get. The reduction of snoring I experienced by using the specialized water bottle has lead to my wife sleeping well & I catch fewer elbows and kicks to wake me up to stop snoring. My throat muscles are now tight again, this is what I needed to make great progress toward my goal of being snore free. Thanks for a great product and the tips and info that comes with the water bottle kit."

- Andrew

"Incredible: At the beginning I had to stop and think how to use the straw. It is definitely a tongue workout that I was not used to. But after a day or two it becomes natural. I have being using it for less than a month and my husband already thinks that my snoring has been less disturbing."

- Brauna

"Great device! Even without doing all the recommended tongue exercises from the dentist, this device alone makes a huge difference. Seems hard to suction at first but within just a week or so I seemed to forget the difficulty as it just naturally became easier. And the improved swallowing pattern from drinking through this straw tip carries over when not using it. After a couple weeks sleeping more soundly now too. Thank you REMS!!!"

- Liz

"I was a total skeptic. Got it mostly to appease my girl friend showing I was taking steps to address a problem I thought would never be fixed. Wow was I wrong. The remastered sleep straw worked after 7 days and it’s been a few months of far less snoring and when I do snore it’s far less loud."

- Pat

"Thumbs Up! Bought it for my son who snores very loudly. His father has sleep apnea. I wanted my son to use this straw to avoid a sleep apnea diagnosis in the future. So far, my son's snoring has improved IMMENSELY. Thank you!"

- Jeanne

"I LOVE IT! I use my REMplenish 1 to 2 times a day and am constantly refilling it and keeping it handy in my fridge. It works! I'm SLEEPING BETTER through the night and less snoring. I've felt my tongue and throat muscles tighten and tone. Another bonus is my double chin is disappearing. I'm sharing this with my dentist, hygienist, and family. Thank you for this product."

- Jennifer

"I have been using this product for about 2 months now. It only takes a very short time to get used to drinking from the nozzle. I have sleep apnea and was using a Cpap machine, I believe my Apnea numbers have decreased. I am now using a mouthpiece instead which has been a blessing. I don't believe I snore like I used to. This product is definitely worth the investment and I believe it does what it says it will do. A big thank you to the wonderful people at REMastered sleep!"

- Don

"Goodness this thing helped a lot. First - my jawline is beautiful. Nicely shaped and toned. I found that I have energy to chew my food more. It's amazing. Second - my snoring reduced significantly. I still have a septum issue but with the strengthened muscles in my neck and chin, there's less sound (at least I'm not waking anyone up anymore)."

- Steph

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Great product!!

Way Easier to use than the stand alone straw while learning the technique..after learning, both products are great and have been very beneficial!

Great product!!

Very helpful tool..helped my breathing, snoring, and an added bonus, is helping diminish some facial wrinkles around my mouth! 🥰

Thanks for my life back!

I’ve felt hollow and off-balance for the past 4 years. I believe I had sleep apnea, based on waking up to the feeling of swallowing. Didn’t get a sleep test, as I assumed my doctor’s only suggestion would be to try a CPAP.

After using the REMplenish straw for about a week, I started dreaming/remembering my dreams, which hasn’t happened in years. Next I noticed I wasn’t aspirating liquids when drinking. I used to do that almost daily, but now notice that I prevent it with my tongue (without trying or thinking about it).

Started to feel noticeably good/ normal after about five weeks. Solidly good since then. I’m back, baby!

Nani Crandall
Quality product

I haven’t used it long enough to see results yet but I’ll keep at it. Well made but way too expensive I think more people would buy it if it were less costly.

Finally, a true snoring solution

I hesitated to share my review because I've tried so many anti-snoring products with no success.

I've wasted a lot of money on everything from mouthpieces and mouth tape to nasal strips and pillows.

I've taken sleep studies to try and figure out the cause... No airway obstructions or sleep apnea. I was simply told by doctors I just snore really, really loud.

It wasn't an issue when I was younger, but now I'm older with more responsibilities and a child, the lack of sleep is having a big impact on my daily life. My snoring has also strained my past relationships and was starting to become an issue with my current one.

I came across this product and figured I'd give it a try. At first, I couldn't figure out how to do a tongue push-up, but after a bit of practice, I eventually figured it out.

At first, the product didn't seem to work. I was using in combination with a Z-Quiet mouthpiece and nasal strips. I didn't like either of those other products because the mouthpiece shifted my teeth and bite, while the nasal strips made my skin breakout. Plus, the cost of each continued to add up.

I threw away the mouthpiece and shifted to a regular mouthguard because I also grind my teeth, but I kept training my tongue and using nasal strips. And, the snoring continued.

At this point, I was really starting to get fed up with things. It's just too complicated to deal with all of these things when all I want to do is go to bed.

At the same time, I've been reading up on mouth-breathing vs nose-breathing. I'm a natural mouth-breather and had been determined to keep my mouth shut all night. It was an exhausting process and I found it nearly impossible.

Then, one night, my soon-to-be wife mentioned how my snoring was getting worse despite my all my effort. It was then I realized the problem seemed to be my forced nose-breathing.

It had been a month and a half since I began using the straw, so I had an idea. I would sleep with only a mouthguard and breathe naturally through my mouth.

What happened next was unbelievable. I didn't snore!

It's been almost a week since that moment, and I've run a few tests by doing things that would normally cause me to snore, such as eating pizza or carbs, drinking beer, or going to bed completely exhausted. The result was light snoring or almost nothing at all.

I'll continue using the product to see if this is merely a one-week wonder or if I've finally found the solution to my snoring... I hope it's the latter!

I'm thankful to have found this product!