5 Reasons Snorers Are Switching From Nasal Strips To This Patented Wellness Device 😴

Here are the big five reasons why people struggling with snoring and restless sleep are turning to this patented wellness device to address the root cause of their snoring and tiredness. 

1. Address The Root Cause of Snoring

Ever wonder what's actually causing you to snore at night?    

Snoring is a sound produced by the vibration of the soft tissues of the upper airway during sleep.

In other words, snoring is the result of weak muscles in your neck and throat (your airway).

The good news? You can exercise and strengthen these muscles - just like any other muscle group in your body!

The REMplenish Myo-Nozzle targets and exercises your airway muscles when drinking water to strengthen them, reducing snoring and sleep issues. It's a simple, easy, and patented solution to your sleep issues. 

2. Patented, Scientifically Backed Exercises To Strengthen Your Airway Muscles and Reduce Snoring

So how exactly do you strengthen your airway muscles? Through targeted myofunctional exercises. 

Drinking water through a REMplenish Myo Nozzle provides targeted passive exercise to the muscles of the tongue, mouth and throat.

This reinforces proper tongue position, strengthens the airway, and supports nasal breathing. The REMplenish Myo-Nozzle engages the genioglossus, soft palate, and the pharyngeal dilator muscles. 

REMastered Sleep is doing a clinical study with the Mayo Clinic on REMplenish for patients with mild-moderate obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. 


In preliminary studies, it was found that after one month of using REMplenish 93% of snorers reported subjective improvements in reducing snoring intensity, occurrence, and/or impact; and 34% of participants reported improvements in tiredness. 

It really works!

3. Healthy Daytime Solution 

Unlike other products that claim to relieve snoring and provide a better nights sleep, none actually get to the root cause of snoring in the first place - a weak airway.

With the REMplenish Myo-nozzle, there is no need for expensive and obtrusive mouth guards, nasal strips you have to buy over and over, or other unproven gadgets to wear during sleep. 

Simply use REMplenish when drinking water to strengthen your airway muscles and experience the benefits of a better night sleep. 

4. Invented By A Biomedical Engineer On a Mission to Stop Snoring

Anders, our founder and CEO,  was shocked to learn some troubling facts while earning his masters in medical device innovation: 80% of Sleep Apnea patients in the US are undiagnosed! 

Even worse, CPAPs, the gold standard in OSA treatment, only has a 60% compliance rate. In other words, far too many people are not getting the help they need to breathe better, sleep better, stop snoring and enjoy other benefits of improved airway health. 

Anders put together a team after his Master’s program to determine how best to solve the unmet need of so many people suffering with airway problems. 

One study that piqued the team’s interest used playing the didgeridoo as a method of reducing apnea-hypopnea index and improving sleep quality. This led to further research into studies that used specific exercises to strengthen the muscles of the mouth and throat. These exercises seemed like the most natural approach to addressing one of the main root causes of the problem, the tongue falling back in the throat and cutting off breathing (apnea, hypopnea) and/or causing tissue vibration (snoring).

5. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We have helped thousands of people across the world get to the root cause of their snoring problems and solve them for good. 

Try the REMplenish Myo-Nozzle and experience the benefits today!

Don't see reduced snoring and get a better nights sleep? Get your money back, no questions asked! 

Target The Root Cause of Snoring and Get A Better Nights Sleep

 Use our patented device to exercise your upper airway muscles, the root cause of snoring, while you drink water, to create a healthy airway, reduce snoring, and have overall better sleep and more energy.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Healthy daytime solution

Patented technology addresses the root cause

of your snoring problems

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