Dr. Talks: Sleep Benefits Through Improved Airway Strength and Function 


The REMplenish™ Myo-Nozzle
Addresses the root cause of snoring and airway health, with targeted tongue and mouth exercises for a better night's sleep. 

Do you struggle with snoring and getting a good nights sleep?

Meet the REMplenish Myo-Nozzle from Remastered Sleep. Use our patented device to easily exercise your mouth and upper airway muscles, while you drink water.

Improve your tongue strength to reduce snoring, enhance nasal breathing and achieve overall better sleep and health. 



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REMplenish™ Myo-Nozzle Plastic Bottle Kit - Adult


Introducing the REMplenish Myo-Nozzle Plastic Bottle Kit - your ultimate weapon to improve breathing and get more quantity and quality sleep!

This option includes the adult sized REMplenish Myo-Nozzle incorporated into the lid of a 32oz plastic water bottle with flip-top cover. The bottle is a lightweight, convenient and portable option for using REMplenish. 

This powerful device can work wonders for improving your ability to breathe well at night, reduce snoring and ultimately sleep better and longer by simply exercising your tongue and upper airway. The Myo-Nozzle combines passive repetitive exercise and the natural action of drinking water. With regular use, drinking 30-60 ounces of water daily, the REMplenish Myo-Nozzle can help reduce snoring, improve nasal breathing and ultimately improve overall physical and mental health by improving your ability to get quality, restorative sleep.

Try REMplenish today to start improving your airway health and enjoying the benefits of better breathing and sleep!

32 oz. capacity bottle, BPA-free.

90 day warranty

REMplenish™ Myo-Nozzle & Straw - Adult


Introducing the REMplenish Myo-Nozzle & Straw Kit - your ultimate weapon to improve breathing and get more quantity and quality sleep! Despite its small size, this powerful device can work wonders for improving your ability to breathe well at night, reduce snoring and ultimately sleep better and longer by simply exercising your tongue and upper airway. The Myo-Nozzle combines passive repetitive exercise and the natural action of drinking water. With regular use, the REMplenish can help reduce snoring and improve breathing to achieve a more restful night's sleep. Don't let a weak airway keep you up at night any longer - try the REMplenish Myo-Nozzle & Straw today!

The REMplenish Myo-Nozzle & Straw Kit can be used with containers that normally use a metal straw such as a tumbler with a straw port or any open-top cup or glass (length of straw + nozzle = 10.25 inches/26 cm, diameter of straw = 8mm).

REMplenish Jr™ Myo-Nozzle Plastic Bottle Kit - Child


The REMplenish Jr Myo-Nozzle plastic bottle is a simple way to help your child breathe and sleep better while supporting proper facial growth and development. This unique system includes the REMplenish Jr Myo-Nozzle, which exercises your tongue and upper airway muscles, that attaches to the lid of an 18 oz plastic water bottle with flip-top cover. The bottle is an easy, lightweight, convenient and portable option. Drinking 12-30 ounces of water daily using REMplenish Jr can put your child on a path to a lifetime of improved breathing and sleeping.

This nozzle is designed specifically for children between 3-9 years of age. 18 oz. capacity bottle, BPA-free. Nozzle is made of medical grade silicone.

The Simple Solution To Improve Airway Health

Myofunctional Therapy

Targeted exercise of the mouth, tongue and throat promotes proper tongue function and position. Ultimately this improves nighttime breathing and reduces vibration, the root cause of snoring.

Stop Snoring

By applying resistance to the natural action of drinking water, your mouth and throat muscles will tone over time and vibrate less during sleep - thus reducing snoring!

Non-invasive Solution

Unlike traditional night time mandibular devices or CPAP machines, the REMplenish Myo-Nozzle is designed to work into your normal daily life, and can be used with 

a straw or water bottle.

Wake Up Refreshed

A healthy airway leads to better overall health. Do you know that a lack of sleep contributes to many major medical conditions? Get a better nights sleep for improved mental and physical health.

How Does Drinking With REMplenish Help Me Breathe and Sleep Better?

Developed by biomedical engineers, the REMplenish patented technology combines upper airway exercises with the natural action of drinking water. 

Drinking from a REMplenish Myo-Nozzle provides targeted resistance to the muscles in your mouth and throat, helping to exercise your airway and make it stronger.

A healthy airway can lead to better breathing, reducing snoring, better sleep and more energy during the day. 

Reduce snoring, naturally.

In our latest clinical study, 93% of snorers reported a reduction in snoring, and 34% said they were more awake during the day. REMplenish is now being studied with Mayo Clinic for use with obstructive sleep apnea!

So why exactly do we snore? 

Snoring is a sound produced by the vibration of the soft tissues of the upper airway during sleep. Here's what ends up happening: 

Nasal: Plugged nostrils results in high pitched snore. 

Mouth: Soft palate relaxes and vibrates from air flow. 

Tongue: Tongue relaxes, falls back, and decreases airway size, resulting in a louder snore. 

Throat: Relaxation of the pharyngeal muscles causing the airway to decrease in size.

Most snoring actually occurs in the mouth and throat. The REMplenish Myo-Nozzle targets your airway muscles to strengthen them, reducing snoring and sleep issues.

Created By A Biomedical Engineer On a Mission to Stop Snoring 

Anders, our founder and CEO, was shocked to learn some troubling facts while earning his masters in medical device innovation: 80% of Sleep Apnea patients in the US are undiagnosed!

Even worse, CPAP, the gold standard in OSA treatment, only has a 60% compliance rate. In other words, far too many people are not getting the help they need to breathe better, sleep better, stop snoring and enjoy other benefits of improved airway health.

Anders put together a team after his Master’s program to determine how best to solve the unmet need of so many people suffering with airway problems.

One study that piqued the team’s interest used playing the didgeridoo as a method of reducing apnea-hypopnea index and improving sleep quality. This led to further research into studies that used specific exercises to strengthen the muscles of the mouth and throat. These exercises seemed like the most natural approach to addressing one of the main root causes of the problem, the tongue falling back in the throat and cutting off breathing (apnea, hypopnea) and/or causing tissue vibration (snoring).

How Do I Use REMplenish?

There is more to REMplenish than simply drinking water. The secret is in HOW you drink water, facilitated by our patented Myo-Nozzle.

Tongue Suction: Place the Myo-Nozzle completely into the mouth with lips touching the base of the nozzle. Compress the nozzle against the roof of your mouth with your tongue. Make sure the tip of your tongue is behind your top front teeth.

Tongue Press: Draw in water by lowering the middle of your tongue, creating negative pressure. Swallow the water and repeat steps. Note: Make sure you are using your tongue and not your cheeks.

Non-invasive snoring solution.

We designed the REMplenish Myo-Nozzle to work with your daily routine of drinking water, making it easier than ever to exercise your airway muscles. 

Avoid the need for bulky mouth guards, tape strips, and other uncomfortable devices. Use a natural, healthy day-time alternative to improve your airway health. 

For the first time ever address the true root cause of your snoring problem and improve your airway health with no intrusive accessories or side effects! 


Easy To Use

Addresses Root Cause

Sleep Comfort

Strengthens Airway Muscles



Nasal Strips

Mouth Guard

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

We take great pride in delivering quality products. Try the REMplenish Myo Nozzle for 90 days. If you don't love it and experience the benefits of better airway health, get your money back.

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1,000+ REVIEWS

Dr. Casey Jones


This REMplenish is fantastic. It helps train the muscles how to swallow properly. Every time you swallow your tongue goes to the roof of your mouth, that’s the only way to get water out. So, I am not joking, my tongue was actually a little bit sore from doing it at first!


REMplenish Myo Nozzle & Straw

Jenn B.


I bought this straw to see if it really improved tongue posture and if it is a tool I can use to train my Orofacial Myology patients to have proper tongue position and to strengthen tongue muscles. I must say that I am totally impressed and recommend for all my snorers and patients with sleep apnea. 


REMplenish Myo Nozzle & Straw

Pat and Tim


I am not noticing him snoring as much. I am sleeping better. He isn’t as gurgly and that was the part that bothered me.

I am sleeping better now. I don’t think I am waking up and hearing her.


REMplenish Myo Nozzle & Straw

Michael M. 


I have stopped using the sleep appliance that my health insurance provided. Never enjoyed wearing that thing and my wife says that I snore very little now. It is better than when I used the appliance. 


REMplenish Myo Nozzle & Straw

Bruna D.


At the beginning I had to stop and think how to use the straw. It is definitely a tongue workout that I was not used to. But after a day or two it becomes natural. I have being using it for less than a month and my husband already thinks that my snoring has been less disturbing. 


REMplenish Myo Nozzle & Straw

Jennifer L.


Using for about a month and I love it. I actually look forward to drinking water from my steel kit water bottle and straw. I use it 2 to 3 times a day and am constantly refilling it and keeping it handy in my fridge. It works! I'm sleeping better thru the night and less snoring.. I've felt my tongue and throat muscles tighten and tone. Surprisingly it has also greatly improved my Gerd and laryngopharyngeal symptoms. I haven't had any acid reflux and my hiatel hernia isn't bothering me anymore. Another bonus is my double chin is disappearing. I'm sharing this with my dentist, hygienist, and family. Thank you for this product. I love it. 


REMplenish Myo Nozzle & Straw

Andrea M


Even without doing all the recommended tongue exercises from the dentist, this device alone makes a huge difference. Seems hard to suction at first but within just a week or so I seemed to forget the difficulty as it just naturally became easier. And the improved swallowing pattern from drinking through this straw tip carries over when not using it. After a couple weeks sleeping more soundly now too. Thank you REMS!!!


REMplenish Myo Nozzle & Straw

Jeanne D.


Bought it for my son who snores very loudly. His father has sleep apnea. I wanted my son to use this straw to avoid a sleep apnea diagnosis in the future. So far, my son's snoring has improved immensely. Thank you!


REMplenish Myo Nozzle & Straw

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REMplenish™ Myo-Nozzle & Straw: Get to the root cause of snoring with targeted airway exercises and get a better night's sleep.

Do you struggle with snoring and getting a good nights sleep? The true root cause of snoring will surprise you, and so will the solution. 

 Meet the REMplenish Myo-Nozzle from Remastered Sleep, the first device to target the root cause of snoring - weak airway muscles! 

 Use our patent pending device to exercise your upper airway muscles, the root cause of snoring, while you drink water, to create a healthy airway, reduce snoring, and have overall better sleep and more energy. 

90 Day Guarantee: Don't see an improvement in your health or snoring? Get a 100% refund. No questions asked.



90-Day Money Back Guarantee!

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