Periodontal Disease, Sleep, and a Water Bottle – What’s the Connection?

Would you say that periodontal disease and sleep quality are related?

The potentially toxic protein, beta amyloid, associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, disrupts the communication between brain cells, leading to cognitive dysfunction. One cause of beta amyloid plaque formation is the presence of Porphyromonas gingivalis (Pg) bacteria, Pg crosses the blood brain barrier in periodontal disease. This pathogen along with ten other bacterial strains are easily detectable with MyPerioPath®, a simple oral rinse collection test. Now how does this relate to sleep? The brain clears these same amyloid plaques during deep sleep. Snoring and sleep disordered breathing prevent the body from attaining and maintaining deep restorative sleep.

Improving airway health is a key focus of REMastered sleep and the REMplenish™ water bottle.

REMpleish Steel Kit

The REMplenish™ proprietary nozzle makes improving airway health easy by integrating concepts of myofunctional therapy into the everyday convenience of drinking water. Through targeted upper airway exercise and repetitive swallowing, REMplenish™ tightens the soft tissues of the soft palate and throat to reduce vibration and airway collapsibility during sleep. Simply drinking 1-2, 25 oz bottles daily, strengthens the airway dilator muscles including the tongue’s genioglossus muscle. A key benefit of using REMplenish™ is that it promotes proper tongue position, with both the front and back of the tongue lightly suctioned to the roof of the mouth. Proper tongue position promotes nasal breathing and stabilizes the jaw, reducing the risk of the tongue falling back into the airway during sleep. The ease of drinking water with REMplenish™ makes it a preferred option for improving airway health leading to better sleep and more daytime energy.

Today, the standard care has evolved well beyond what we had become accustomed to. The silent attackers to life and longevity: heart disease, stroke, mental agility, and total body inflammation, are rooted in both periodontal disease and airway health. Understanding the relationship between multiple body systems and their connection to one another demonstrates how two unrelated adjuncts, MyPerioPath® and REMplenish™, can have a profound effect on improving the long-term health of our patients.

For more information about the REMplenish™ water bottle, contact the REMastered team.

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